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Fabulous hotel in the historic heart of the Hungarian capital

The Barceló Budapest connects visitors with the lively Hungarian capital thanks to its unparalleled location in the Terézváros district VI, right in the historic centre of the city. The hotel is surrounded by museums, art galleries, cafés and restaurants, as well as being close to the city’s nightlife area.

Its exclusive design and modern facilities make it the best option for enjoying a few days of relaxation in one of the most impressive cities in the world, full of history and iconic buildings and surrounded by the magic conjured up by the majestic River Danube that divides in the city into two totally different areas.

This new hotel has 179 comfortable and carefully designed rooms and suites offering maximum relaxation, with all the necessary amenities to create a unique atmosphere. Some of them are located on the roof of the building, with large terraces and fabulous views of the city.

It has a bar in the lobby and a buffet restaurant with a varied choice of cuisine, allowing guests to enjoy different cooking styles and discover the most traditional Hungarian flavours. It also has facilities for meetings and events and a fitness studio open 24 hours a day.

At the Barceló Budapest, guests have the opportunity to enjoy all the activities offered by this beautiful city on the shores of the Danube, a place worth discovering which has also been named Best European Destination 2019 in the European Best Destinations (EBD).